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Retail Unit

Retail Business Department

  • Travel Retail Business

    Applying our knowledge of in-flight sales and airport duty free shops and our product planning know-how, the Travel Retail Business seeks to uncover the finest brands for distribution to clients (duty free shops in Japanese airports, airlines and more).


  • Domestic Retail Business

    Plans, designs and distributes our original brand “Tabitus,” placing the greatest emphasis on the concepts of “travel” and “aviation.” The Domestic Retail Business also directly manages and operates “JAL Plaza TABITUS+ STATION,” a store organized around the concept of “adding value to travel.” This particular store carries items such as suitcases, bags, shoes and watches intended to add a level of comfort for customers when they travel.

    Products & Services
    • Brands (general merchandise, cosmetics, alcohol and tobacco)

Direct Marketing Department

  • In addition to planning, purchasing and after-sales service of in-flight sales products, the Direct Marketing Department plans and runs an inflight mail-order magazine, direct mail-order catalog and online mail-order service. We search for the best-selling products and brands, develop original products and offer attractive products and services to delight customers.

    Products & Services
    • Mail-order sales (general merchandise, food, wine, etc.)
    • In-flight merchandise


Food Distribution Department

  • Through its own gift ordering system, the Food Distribution Department offers food gifts such as perishable and processed foods directly from the producers to department stores, mass retailers and convenience stores. We are considered to be a reliable partner because we provide safe and high-quality products that meet a variety of customer needs and wants.

    Products & Services
    • Regional specialty products and gourmet commodities
    • Food gifts
    • Osechi

Airport Retail Management Business
(Business Planning and Development Department/Airport Retail Team)

  • There are 78 JALUX Group airport shops named “BLUE SKY” across 27 airports in Japan, as of June 2017. We offer a broad range of products and services, including the original lunchbox (Sora-ben), sandwiches and pastries (Sora-pan) and sweets (Sora-sweets), as well as souvenirs. As one of the largest airport retail chains in Japan, We also run restaurants serving local delicacies.
    JAL-DFS operates 11 duty free shops, as of June 2017, at Terminals 1 and 2 in Narita Airport and at the International Terminal in Haneda Airport. We carry brands from Japan and overseas.

    Products & Services
    • Souvenirs from across Japan
    • Lunchboxes, sky sandwiches, sky pastries and sky sweets
    • Brands (general merchandise, cosmetics, alcohol and tobacco)
  • http://bluesky.jalux.com/