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  • Corporate statement
  • " Contributing to Tomorrow "We will create high-quality, innovative businesses, products and services founded on safety and security.
  • Corporate culture
  • " Challenge & Change-Yes, we can "We regard changes in the environment as good business chances, and will challenge daringly on our own initiative and continue to change is better ourselves.
  • Business concept
  • We provide original value-added products and services in our four business domains centering on the Aviation & Airport Business.
  • Code of conduct
  • We have established “JALUX GROUP CODE OF CONDUCT” and adjusted our operation system to thoroughly maintain awareness of compliance.

For the Creation of New Value

With the spirit of "Challenge & Change - Yes, we can", JALUX can offer additional and original value to customers through making the most of our various business channels.

  • As a creator and supplier of added-value

    As professionals in creating added-value, we will optimize our expertise in aviation and airports and unique SCM* systems to plan, propose and provide a wide range of products and services for every industry, from heavy industries to the food service industry, while meeting the customers’ needs for cost reduction, greater efficiency, and such. *Supply Chain Management=A comprehensive management system for purchasing, inventory control, logistics, etc.

  • As a creator of lifestyle services

    We will offer diversified high-quality services over retail channels such as airport shops and mail order sales (catalog and website), and increase our territory and values in these business fields. As a life design creator in insurance (FP), real estate (vacations, asset utilization), nursing care, we will support the customers in leading satisfying and rewarding lives.